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My name is Christopher Kreymborg, I was born in 1987 in Germany and I live in Hamilton, New Zealand now. I’m a video game nerd, a musician, a father, and a professional freelance photographer. I’ve been coding, scripting, and creating websites since I was a teenager.

All those professions, hobbies, and activities led me to become an excellent problem solver with a highly creative mindset and an appreciation for great design and user experience.

My Skills

Making Websites since long before Web 2.0 was a thing

I started making websites at the age of 12 – in 1999. Back then, I did small projects together with friends from school, coded in HTML and PHP.  I eventually turned this passion into a career. Now I create mobile apps but also web applications and websites.

Flutter Dart Vue.js Node.js SQL MongoDB Firebase Git WordPress Elementor PHP JavaScript TypeScript HTML CSS Adobe Photoshop Adobe XD Adobe Lightroom
Mobile App Development

Using Google’s framework Flutter, I create modern, beautiful, and engaging apps for both, Android and iOS. Including Push Notifications, connections to an API (and creating one from scratch), user management, haptic feedback, and tapping into phone functions like camera, sensors, or location.

Web App development

I create modern web apps using the framework Vue.js. I can also use Vue to simply extend the functionality of existing websites even ones built with WordPress or other CMS systems.

Website creation

My websites are mostly built with WordPress and Elementor. Using custom post and types and fields in combination with Elementor’s templating power, I can create dynamic and easy to update sites with lots of functionality. Moreover, I’m familiar with SEO and setting up Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager. I can also create websites from scratch, using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and different CMS technologies.

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Selected Work

Inspiracles App
Mobile app for iOS & Android written in Flutter

The German company “Inspiracles” is creating playing cards with challenges for photographers to learn and improve photography skills. I transferred this concept to a mobile app for them and did the whole full-stack development. The frontend was written in Flutter to be able to deploy the app for iOS and Android with only one codebase.

The backend was done with a headless WordPress installation with custom API endpoints. This enabled an easy way for editors to publish and categorise new challenges. User authentication, push notifications, and analytics are implemented using Firebase.

The App shows challenge lists and individual challenges, including an Instagram-Feed of the hashtag related to the challenge. I also implemented photography cheat-sheets, created by Inspiracles and a system for users to earn points for completing challenges.

The app is done and fully functional and will be released in late 2020.

Baby Nap Log
Mobile app for iOS written in Swift

Baby nap log is supposed to help parents keep track of their babies’ naps. Naps can be tracked using a timer or using a form for manual entry. The App can show different graphs about the naps and remind parents about the time for the next nap. It’s using a specifically created algorithm to find the ideal time for the baby’s next sleep.

Baby Nap Log was written as a native iOS app in Swift. The underlying database is a relational NoSQL Database called “Realm”. Local notifications are automatically generated to remind parents about the next nap. The App is using in-app purchases to unlock an unlimited premium version. It has an active user base of several hundred users per month.

Baby Nap Log can be found on the Apple AppStore.

See the website

Agency Website for 0711
WordPress Website

0711 is a marketing agency that I’ve worked a lot for in the past. They recently requested me to relaunch their website because they used old and outdated technology. Their design requirement was a rather unusual one using lots of squares and tiles to navigate and structure the content. I still ended up, building the website using WordPress and Elementor, with a good portion of custom CSS and some JavaScript.

The website uses a variety of custom post types with custom fields to dynamically create its content. I set WordPress up so that they can effortlessly add new team members, cases, network partners, and so on.  

I also optimised their site in terms of speed, size, and SEO and replicated their old URL-structure so they wouldn’t lose their google ranks and set up analytics and event tracking.

See the website

Golden Hour Calculator
Mobile app for iOS and Android

Golden Hour Calculator helps photographers find the perfect time for photography. No matter which location or date.

The app calculates times and durations for golden hour, blue hour, sunset and sunrise, which usually provide the best light for photography. Users can choose any location and date, bookmark frequently used locations and set up notifications to be reminded about e.g. the start of the golden hour.

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Hey I’m Chris! I was born in 1987 in Germany and I live in Hamilton, New Zealand. I’ve been a video game and technology nerd all my life.

I started coding and scripting when i was a teenager, creating a small video game website with my friends from school and could never really stop writing code and making websites.

In 2018 I got into mobile and web development and learned some of the cutting edge technologies needed to create modern, reactive, and responsive applications.

I’ve been a musician for most of my life and been working as a freelance photographer since 2012. Creativity is basically hard-coded into my DNA and I felt the urge to create something new and awesome for as long as I can remember.

All those activities lead me to become an excellent problem solver and taught me the importance of good organisation and self-management.

Through my work as a photographer I learned how important great visual appearance is in modern technology.

Even though I wouldn’t consider myself a designer, I have a deep love and appreciation for great design and streamlined user experience.

I also used to freelance as an editor for a German photography magazine and I’m one of the speakers of a German photography podcast so I know how to communicate complicated facts and problems in a solution oriented way.

All my skills are self taught through hundreds of hours of learning, practising, and applying the knowledge in projects. I’m highly self-motivated and I can gain knowledge in new and different technologies quickly, if they are needed to get a project done.

I’m a native German speaker and i speak English fluently.


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