Hi, I'm Chris!

I am a mobile and web developer, living in Hamilton, New Zealand.

My passion for code and technology started at the age of 13. Back then I built small, fun website projects with my friends from school, using PHP (and of course HTML and JavaScript). At this stage I already knew I wanted to be a developer and never really stopped coding stuff. Over the past 10 years, I have built websites on a professional level and I started getting into mobile development about three years ago. I first started with native iOS development in Swift but at the beginning of 2019, Flutter grabbed my attention and I completely fell for it back then.

I love how I could adapt so many things that I know from JavaScript into Dart and how user interfaces are built in Flutter. I can connect apps to APIs, have experience with the Firebase SDK and worked with location services, notifications, animations, state management (provider and bloc), in-app-purchases and lots of other things in Flutter.

All my skills are self-taught. I’m highly self-motivated to learn new and complicated concepts. I love technology and trying new things out, and I regularly delve into the latest trends and tools to see how I can benefit from them. Being self-employed has also taught me how to organise myself and my work as effectively as possible.

I’ve been a musician for most of my life and worked professionally as a freelance photographer since 2014. Creativity is basically hard-coded into my DNA and I love creating and building new and amazing things.

More of my skills

Writing code since more than 20 years...

Flutter Dart Vue.js Node.js SQL MongoDB Firebase Git WordPress Elementor Oxygen Builder PHP JavaScript TypeScript HTML CSS Adobe Photoshop Adobe XD Adobe Lightroom