Dashboard Widget Buddy

Drag & drop builder for wordpress admin widgets


While creating websites, I try to make it as easy as possible for my customers to edit their site. I usually end up creating my own admin widgets in WordPress to give them some instructions on how to create a new blogpost and change aspects of their website right after they log in to the admin backend. So far the only way of creating such widgets was to code them up, using PHP so I decided to make this process easier by creating a plugin for that. “Dashboard Widget Buddy” is an easy and intuitive drag & drop builder to create these widget. User can create content using a WYSIWYG editor or can manually create different content types and change their positioning via drag & drop. “Dashboard Widget Buddy” is fully functional and currently being tested by beta testers.


“Dashboard Widget Buddy” is written for Wordpress. The main parts of the plugin are written in Vue.js and PHP.